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Now you are in the desert! …Enjoy the magic of the sand dunes…!!
5 Days from Fes to Merzouga :

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Our family will be waiting for you on a journey you won’t soon forget !
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Camel Trekking :

This desert trip begins in the evening . We will organise the camel ride for the night in desert from your hotel near the sand dunes. Camels will be packed with foods, blankets and everything important which we will need for out trip. This trek into the desert will take 1 hour.
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About Morocco

Morocco is a sovereign country located in the Maghreb , north Africa , with coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. It is separated from the European continent by the Strait of Gibraltar . It borders with Algeria to the east (the border with Algeria is closed since 1994 ), by the South Western Sahara (disputed territory) and by the North Spain, its main trading partner ..
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 our unforgettable moments with our most beloved clients :

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Through  individual and group travel   that we offer, you will be able to understand  the unique lifestyle  and incredible cultural diversity of Morocco . This country of contrasts offering  its beauty to  its guests  in the largest  generorisite and hospitality.

The monuments are of great diversity. Minarets, kasbahs and ksour stand at the foot of the oasis since time immemorial. The visitor will discover along  the dirt roads , see them here and there, in the middle of palm trees datiers. Morocco, it also looks a social context , geographic and cultural  more interesting and North Africa. With its high plateaux , mountains, its unique landscape, its high sand dunes  …

During your trip, we invite you to  make unforgetable walks in  the camel Dunes of orange, and enjoy the sunsets , moments of serenity and absolute meditation. We can also encourage you to meet  the locals, you will have many opportunities to talk  with the people around a  mint tea . You can also enjoy the oasis and Berber peoples  visits in the area.

The tours that we offer are designed to help you discover   the true face of this country, off the beaten track. 4X4, the only means of transport for some roads  in the South, leave the tourist routes and go  on an adventure  in the mountain slopes  in the palm and in the desert .

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